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Cytosensor Microphysiometer Applications

Test Material Compatibility

Because test materials are dosed as dilutions, the Cytosensor assay is generally used to test chemicals and ingredients, rather than final products and formulations.

Cytosensor is suitable only for water soluble formulations; however, test article concentrations and dosing preparation may be adjusted as necessary to accommodate specific physical characteristics or client needs. At IIVS, a solubility test will be performed to find the most suitable solvent when the solubility of a test chemical is unknown or unavailable.

Test System

The Cytosensor microphysiometer is very sensitive and can detect very small changes in pH.


• ECVAM approved for water-soluble materials in a Top-Down approach & ECVAM approved for surfactants in a Bottom-Up approach.

• In May 2009, the US EPA launched a pilot program to investigate the use of the Cytosensor microphysiometer assay as part of a tiered strategy for the labeling of cleaning products with anti-microbial claims.

Ocular Irritation Assays - The Bottom-Up and Top-Down Approaches